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Objects and fields created within Salesforce with Reveal data
Objects and fields created within Salesforce with Reveal data

Here is a list objects and Fields that are created within your Salesforce if you opt for the power plan.

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As part of the Reveal power plan you have access to some Custom fields and objects that will be created into your Salesforce instance through Reveal api and could be used for several purposes.

  • Building Reports/ Workflows.

  • Pushing those Custom fields to the Tech stack where you Sales, Marketing, CSM and Tech team lives the most.

Reveal Data is available in Salesforce App through HTTPS API calls

  • Authentication by API key

  • API keys are encrypted in the Reveal Database ( The user can copy it when they generate it, but it can never be retrieved otherwise )

Packages is Autonomous

It pulls data from Reveal and displays it in the Salesforce within 2 main components :

  • The partner widget at the account level and at the opportunity level.

  • The ecosystem consolidated view (tab)

What are the fields and Objects that you can leverage with the Reveal Power plan?

What is the Data Model of the Objects and Fields?

Who can leverage this data?

Interested in getting the right tech for your team to achieve the targets?

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