Reveal Multiplier Use Cases
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This is a followup article to What are Reveal Multipliers?

How can I use multipliers?

Use Reveal multipliers to prioritize the accounts in your CRM.

With the revenue multiplier you don’t need to involve your Partner to create value out of Reveal (via requesting an intro to a contact, creating a co-sell opportunity etc.)

The revenue multiplier can be used as a signal to identify which accounts your sales teams should target for better ROI.

For example

One Reveal user targeted their partner's customers with high Multiplier scores, and reported that their overall sales conversion rates increased by 2.4x. (with a lead to opportunity conversion increased by 1.6x, and an opportunity to won conversion increased by 1.5x).

What are some other use cases?

  • Identify new high potential targets.
    Use multipliers to highlight which partners to request to share New Prospects accounts with on Reveal.

  • Validate partnerships internally.
    Quantify the impact of working with partners and present back to the business.

    • “When working with X partner, we have an X% higher chances of closing (win rate multiplier), with an X% increase in overall revenue. (revenue multiplier)”

    • “When working with this combination of partners, we achieve X% higher win rates (win rate multiplier)”.

  • Select GTM partners tactically, based on the KPI impacts they can have.

    • “Need to increase ACV in EMEA? Prioritize these partners.”

    • “Need to drive up CVR for Enterprise teams in East Coast? Prioritize these partners.”

  • Competitive partner scenarios.
    Use multipliers to objectively assess who to work with.

    • Which partners within a given space can deliver you the strongest impact on win rate, deal size, revenue?

Accessing your partner impact multipliers is a Reveal Premium Feature. To know more,

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