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Best filters to use in Reveal
Best filters to use in Reveal

Go further in your account mappings by leveraging our most useful filters

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Account mapping with a partner can feel overwhelming. Hundreds, thousands accounts become available in your overlaps and it's hard to know where to start.

We have your back! Find below a list of the most useful filters to help you get started!

On your account mapping

Focus 1: Your market

If you are working with a specific market, filtering your account mapping is a must-have. Saving this filtered view is the key to efficiency. Here's how to do it!

  1. Click on filters

  2. Add "Country" is any of and select your countries from the drop down

  3. Click on "+ Save as new view"

  4. Give this view a name, like "North America" for the example above

  5. Use this saved view over and over on all your account mappings

Focus 2: Hot joint opportunities

Common opportunities pre-filtered view on Reveal focuses solely on "prospects vs prospects" accounts with an open opportunities.

By increasing the scope of status taken into account, you will find more quick wins on joint opportunities for both "customers vs prospects" and "prospects vs prospects accounts"

Requirement: you and your partner need to have open ops available and shared with each other to apply that filters.

Focus 3: ICP

Leverage extra columns like "Industry" or "Number of employees" from your CRM or your partner's CRM to create advanced filters on your ICP.

You can also define strategic accounts from your data source settings (admins only) based on these criteria and filter directly on "Strategic Accounts".

Focus 3: Deal influencers / Intros

Check which accounts your partners have the most stakeholders on and assess intro potential.

Display the column "Other deal influencers" and apply a sort on the highest number of deal influencers.
"Other deal influencers" shows you contacts listed by your partners at the opportunity level that are not in your CRM.

Now that you have in mind the top focuses you can use to narrow down your account mapping, feel free to combine them in your filters and sort.

Below, we are searching for our prospects with an open deal that are partner customers, based in the Americas, from the Healthcare or the Telecoms Industries, with more than 200 employees.

And, we can go further and focus only on accounts with updates since our last visit and sort the list by the accounts by the biggest opportunities and the most deal influencers my partner can introduce me to.

Filters applied:

Sorting rules applied:

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