Deal Influencers on Salesforce

A powerful new capability that allows you to identify and target the contacts who can help you influence, and close, a deal!

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💡 Deal Influencers is a premium feature available on request for Salesforce Power plans.


Sales professionals know how to approach a company, and they do it well. The question is, who should they contact? Is their existing contact the right one? Or should they opt for another one? One bad choice, and the deal can stall, or even fall apart.

To solve this quagmire, we're introducing Deal Influencers: a new report for Power plans using Salesforce to manage their CRM.

The Report

Deal Influencers helps your quickly identify the contacts that can have the greatest influence on opportunities you'd like to generate, or close - these are contacts that your partners listed on an opportunity when they closed-won the deal.

In other words, who’s the most influential figure on accounts you're working, and is he/she the one you have attached to them?

We call these people primary contacts, or "Deal Influencers". And the numbers don't lie. Having a partner present on an opportunity can boost your win rate by 32%, but having the right contact attached can double this to 65%!

The Contact Fields

To identify the best contacts for your accounts and pinpoint them to Sales reps, we've created two new Contact-level fields:

  1. (Reveal) Is a deal influencer at: Shows partners who listed this contact on the opportunity when they closed-won the deal.

  2. (Reveal) Is a deal influencer at (count): The number of partners that listed this contact on their opportunities when they were closed-won.

So if John Smith is listed as a primary contact on 15 partners' opportunities, there’s a strong chance he’s the right person to be targeting! He could be the deal influencer to focus on to progress, and eventually win, the contract.

The Use Cases

You can find Deal Influencers in your Reveal Folder in Salesforce. Its uses? Numerous. Aside from checking the contacts themselves, you can customise the template and use it to:

  • Make Reports

  • Create Dashboards

  • Send Notifications

  • Assign tasks and organise Workflows

  • Send campaigns/communications on third-party tools connected to your CRM (like Outreach, Salesloft, etc)

Here's a few examples of how to action the data.

Sales Reps

Check that your main contact is the right one.

  • Can’t get in touch with them? Use Get Intro to request help from a partner for a response

You can use the template report with target accounts to identify:

  • Who is the best contact to target

  • Which partner(s) can help you with an intro to them, or to share valuable intel

  • Go from the Deal Influencer report to the Contact page and request an intro

Sales Managers

You can use the report to create a target list based on known Deal Influencers. This can be shared with Sales reps to align on priorities and make an action plan.

Revenue Operations Managers

RevOps managers can use the custom fields to create tasks for account owners and proactively tell them which people to contact and with what content (we recommend creating templates to showcase your joint value proposition with specific partners). These hyper-targeted lists are much more effective than just targeting contacts at a company with partner presence.

Want to learn more about Deal Influencers and how to leverage them in your strategies?

Book a call with your Account Manager, by clicking on the link below.

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