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How to enable activity tracking in Salesforce

Here are the steps required to enable activity tracking in Salesforce.

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Available June 21, 2023 for Pro and Power users

It’s important to know that action is required by your Salesforce Admin to opt in to activity tracking within Salesforce.

Two simple steps required to upgrade

  1. Go to Remote Site Settings and ensure is marked as ACTIVE (checked).

2. Go to Reveal Setup and within “Reveal Widget and Ecosystem Setup”, use the “Next” button to find the “Enable Activity Recording” step (the penultimate) and activate the toggle “Enable Activity Recording”.

Overview video

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why are we making this change?
Reveal is committed to helping partnership teams solve the partner attribution problem so they never miss a partner-attributed opportunity again. By enabling tracking, Reveal will track activity with your Salesforce widget. i.e., you will know when an AE clicks "Get intro". Reveal will provide ROI tracking and reporting directly within the Reveal platform by Q3 2023.

Q. Will the Reveal for Salesforce data package be impacted?

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