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Engage your teams on Reveal Data
Engage your teams on Reveal Data

How to get your teams excited about the Reveal and Partner data

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Getting the interest of your teammates on partner data can be HARD. Reveal makes it easy for you to display the right level of information to the right people for the best impact! Here are a couple of resources to help you pitch Nearbound's impact on your revenue teams.

With Nearbound, besides measuring onboardings and meetings booked/held, there should be some sales activities in your CRM that are tracked that tie the partner play. Here we highlight partner-influence, for example:

  • Number of pipeline activities that involved partner influence

  • Average deal size (with and without partner involvement)

  • Average close rate (with and without partner involvement)

Here is how to prepare for your Nearbound pitch and here are three nearbound use cases you have not thought of

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