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Nearbound is a Go-To-Market strategy built on trust, the most important value of our time. When applying Nearbound, companies securely share insights, data and influence with their partners to drive sales.

Nearbound emerged from the outbound and inbound eras that preceded it. With customers being more selective about the communication they want and having just too much information out there, it becomes vital to companies to explore resources that are more attractive to customers.

It allows companies to explore opportunities within their ecosystems. Don't worry, Nearbound is not about ending outbound or inbound. It is here to diversify revenue mix and bring more plays to the repertoire of reps for building and accelerating pipeline.

The concept is centered in 3 Is - Intel, Influence and Intro. For that, you will need to adopt some practices like Account Mapping and doing introductions. Luckily, Reveal is here to help.

We linked some content above, but here are some videos that you might want to explore to become a Nearbound expert as well:

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