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Release Notes - October 2023
Release Notes - October 2023

Find details on our recent releases and product updates for October 2023

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Another month, another set of new releases and updates for our users. Here’s what’s new in Reveal for the month of October!

Deal Influencers in Salesforce (coming soon)

Identify and target the contacts who can help you close deals

Sales professionals are great at approaching companies. The question is, who should they contact? Is their current lead the right one? Or should they opt for another contact? 

To address this cascade of doubts, we're leveraging the power of Nearbound to introduce Deal Influencers: a new report for Power plans using Salesforce to manage their CRM, currently on beta testing.

With Deal Influencers, you can check the most influential figure on accounts you're working with, and if they're the one you have attached to them. Find the right targets, and see your win rate 2x that of just having a partner present.

Sales teams and RevOps managers can find this template report in their Reveal Folder in Salesforce, and customise it to:

  • Create Dashboards

  • Send Notifications

  • Assign tasks and organise Workflows

  • Send campaigns/communications on third-party tools connected to your CRM (like Outreach, Salesloft, etc)

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Want to learn more about Deal Influencers and how to leverage them in your strategies? Check this article for an in-depth look, and book a call with your Account Manager to request access to the beta.

Deal Influencers in Reveal

In the app, and for everyone

The report may be on its way to Salesforce, but Deal Influencers are already available in Reveal for all workspaces. You can find these primary contacts in:

Account Mapping

Take your search to the next step by applying filters to check:

  1. Known Deal Influencers, based on your common contacts with partner; hover over the number of contacts to see their job titles!

  2. Unknown Deal Influencers, based on contacts not in your CRM

The Drawer on 360° Goals

Click on the line of an account to access the Drawer and check Deal Influencers. Formerly cited as Primary Contacts, you can see them highlighted for each partner.

Partner recommendations on the Sales Weekly Digest

Find partners that will help you generate revenue on your accounts

Sent every Friday to Sales professionals within our ecosystem, the Sales Weekly Digest helps you identify accounts to focus on, to either source or influence revenue using partner insights. Our goal? Making these emails as actionable and relevant for you.

In what can only be described as the first of many updates, Recommend Partners is a list of accounts that you can create or close deals on, along with a partner recommendation to help you with insights or an introduction.

N.B. If they didn’t receive the latest version of the Sales Weekly Digest, worry not; you’ll get it the first week of November, along with the rest! 

For more information about partner recommendations, check out this article to understand how we identify the best prospects for you.

Account Drawer Updates on 360° Goals

Granular insights, with direct connection to your CRM

Last month the Drawer got a new design, this month it became faster and actionable. When clicking on an account in 360° Goals, users can now see how many primary contacts a partner can share without clicking on the drop-down.

What are primary contacts? They're contacts listed on a partner's opportunity, involved in some way or another on the deal. These can be decision makers, champions of the company, legal contacts etc. The more, the merrier.

But don't stop there. For any common contact listed on the drop-down, primary or not, you can now open it directly in your CRM!

This update is available in all workspaces. Check out this article to learn more about 360° Goals in general ... or discover it yourself!

Cross-object status rules

Get precise with what you share, and how you share it

Connecting data to your workspace can be complicated. Sharing it? Even worse. Sometimes the data is right, but the information displayed isn’t accurate. Other times, you just want Reveal to show you a modified version, tailored to your goals with the app. 

To address this, we now grant users the ability to set specific rules when connecting a datasource to Reveal. This means you can define what a customer Customer, Prospect and/or Partner is, as well as what Private and Restricted Accounts are and can see. 

This capability applies to both Account/Company and Opportunity/Deal fields, and can be set for:

  • Status Rules

  • Private Account settings (all partners)

  • Restricted Accounts (per partner)

The result? A smoother user experience that transcends barriers of data interpretation, and an even greater sharing experience with your partners and colleagues.

Cross-object status rules cover all workspaces and connected CRMs. Adjust yours now!

Want to learn more about our new features and how to use them in your strategies?

Book a call with your Account Manager, by clicking on the link below.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and updates!

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