Reschedule Your Casper Test

How to reschedule your Casper test

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Once you've reserved your Acuity Insights Assessments, you'll be able to reschedule your Casper test to a different date or time, even if your scheduled test date has passed.

You will only be able to reschedule your test as long as additional tests are available for your test type and program distribution selection.

If there are no other test dates available for this admissions cycle, this means that the final Casper testing opportunity has passed for one or more of the programs on your distribution list. These programs will have to be removed for you to reschedule your test.

To remove a program from your distribution list, please contact the Acuity Insights Support Team and clearly indicate the program and its associated school (eg. University of Toronto, Pharmacy) using the chat bubble located in your Acuity Insights account or on our Acuity Insights website. Please note that all fees are non-refundable. For more information about removing or swapping programs, please see our Remove / Swap Distribution Programs article.

Starting in the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, applicants can reschedule their Casper test for free if they do so 31 or more days before their scheduled test. All applicants are subject to a $20 rescheduling fee should they choose to reschedule within the 30 days before or any time after their scheduled Casper test.

Exceptions may be provided for those with verified technical or medical issues and those approved for a fee assistance program honoured by Acuity Insights.

Note: if you have been approved for accommodations, you will require the Acuity Insights Team’s assistance to reschedule your test, to ensure that your accommodations are properly transferred. After determining your desired new test date, please contact us through the chat bubble or by emailing to indicate your intention to reschedule, and specify the new date and time. You must do so at least 1 week prior to the new test date and time. You can find a list of test dates/times on ourDates & Fees page.

Applicants without approved accommodations may follow the steps below.

To reschedule your test:

  1. Go to the Reservations tab

  2. Click on View dates & reschedule button located at the far right of your test date.

3. Click on the Reschedule test button at the bottom of the following page.

4. Under Select your new Casper test date select your preferred test date, then click the Next button (please bear in mind the time of your test).

5. On the following Reservation Summary page click on the Complete Reservation button.

*Please note that the example above is for a reservation that was made more than 31 days before the initial test date. All applicants are subject to a $20 rescheduling fee should they choose to reschedule within the 30 days before or any time after their scheduled Casper test.*

You will see a message saying “No other test dates available for rescheduling” if there are no more test dates available.

You can browse the final test dates and distribution deadlines for individual programs on our Dates and Fees page.

Please note: a reservation cannot be rescheduled from one admissions cycle to another. This will require a new Acuity Insights Assessments reservation.

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