It all starts with the + button.

Adding text

  1. Click + then choose Text.
  2. A text box will appear that you can type into.
  3. Click Done when finished.

Positioning text

Drag the text to position it. Use the blue handles to change the size of the text box, and the green handle to rotate the text.

Editing text

  1. Double-click on the text box to edit the text.
  2. In the text box, you can also style individual words by highlighting them and clicking B (Bold), I (Italic) or U (Underline).

Adding hyperlinks to text

With hyperlinks, you can link to external websites, documents or even to pages within your book - great for making a table of contents!

  1. When you have a text box open, highlight a word and click the link icon.
  2. Type the URL (or copy and paste it in).
  3. You can also link to a page - just type the page number.
  4. Note: Links only become active in Read mode, or when the book is published (not when editing the book).

Formatting the text

  1. When a text box is selected, you can either right-click and choose Format, or click on the Inspector in the toolbar.
  2. There are many ways to format the text: size, font, alignment, colour - have a play!

Comic text styles

If you choose a comic book template, you'll see a set of pre-styled comic writing - for captions and impact text. You can even add speech and thought bubbles - double-click on them to add text inside.

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