Within Breathe there are certain areas that you can turn off, which you can control via the modules area and this can be anything from company suggestions to emergency contacts. You can also customise certain dropdown menus in Breathe like departments, divisions and locations via the picklist area.

What are modules?

Modules are optional screens which you can turn on and off to make the system as complex or as simple as you like!

You can find modules under Configure > Settings > Modules

By Ticking the boxes you can turn on any of the optional screens if you wish to use them within your account. Alternatively, you can untick the boxes and turn off all to make the system as simple possible.

Depending on which plan you are on, you may also have the option to turn time logs and expenses on or off.

If you are happy with your selection, click 'update modules'

Once you have switched off the features you do not wish to use, your employees, line managers and HR users will not be able to see them.

What are picklists?

Within breatheHR you can customise items that appear on drop down menus to make them a better fit for your organization. The customizations fall into two main types:

  1. Adding more options to default lists (e.g. adding dengue fever as a new type of sickness) or
  2. Adding richer information about your organisation (e.g. company divisions and departments)
  3. You can access the picklists by going to the Configure > Settings > Picklists

Please note: There is no limit to the amount of picklists you can add into the system

The items you can customise are all listed in the column on the left.

When you start setting your picklists you will notice a few examples already entered into your account. You can either delete/edit the existing picklists or start adding your own.

To set "Project" picklists for expenses this can be found under the Company Tab > Projects

Please note: that if any of the items in the picklists above do not feature on your list then you may not have these switched on under your Configure > Settings > Modules.

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