At Breathe, we understand how important one-to-ones are to an employee's personal and professional development. We thought we'd give you a helping hand by exploring how to make the most of our employee-performance feature.

Start the one-to-one process by setting the frequency of meetings. Although we've seen impressive results with weekly appraisals, you can choose daily, weekly or monthly one-to-one reminders using the performance tab on each employee's profile. 

To access the one-to-ones module, head to:

Employees profile > performance > one to ones > add (blue plus button)

Select your preferred date and time from the calendar and then choose the type of meeting.

How to book and schedule one-to-ones: 

Now it's time to select the person who is in charge of each employee's appraisal and one-to-ones. We'll call these, the reviewer. (These are those who have line-manager permissions and above.)

On to the location. Where will the review take place? Select this from the drop-down list too.

Set the frequency of each meeting (as explained above) and choose between 'one-off' and 'recurring'. 

Top tip 💡 It's best to manually input annual instances as they are not currently classified under the recurring frequency. 

It's okay. Like any calendar appointment, these meetings are not set in stone. If you need to amend an employee one-to-one, simply select the edit (pencil) icon in the tab bar, as shown below. 

This allows the employee or the reviewer to add notes relating to each specific one-to-one. Oh, and you can also mark the meeting as complete through this field. 

Here's a run down of the actions you can make to the one-to-one and appraisal settings. 

  1. Add the one to one to an internet calendar

  2. Edit the one to one, make notes etc

  3. See an overview of the entry

  4. Delete the one to one

That's it; you're ready to go. 

Can employees request their own one to ones?

Your people can request one to ones from their personal dashboard (not their profiles) if the setting has been enabled for them to do so via Configure > Settings > Change what people can see and do > Request one to ones.

Please note, they can only request one to ones if they do not already have any scheduled. If they do, their line manager or a HR user will need to book this in for them.

Do line managers receive reminder emails for their employee's one to one's?

Line managers will receive an email if a one to one is requested by one of their employees, but they won't receive a reminder email.

We'd advise using our notes and reminders feature if you'd like to set up a reminder:

For more information on email notifications and reminders within Breathe, see the guide below:

Enjoy using this great feature on Breathe to engage with your employees to maximise potential for them and for your business.

And remember, if you have any questions, we're on hand to help. Simply get in touch and speak to one of our support team. 

Happy employee management,

The Breathe Team. 

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