Do you have workers that are going on or have already been placed on Furlough leave? Breathe can help with this. 

To log a person on Breathe that is in a furloughed state use the 'Other' leave function, this type of leave does not use allowances so no deductions will be made. It will show in the reporting pages as other leave and then the selected furlough reason. Please note it will show on the calendar as 'Other leave' this cannot be changed.

To add furlough leave make a holiday booking as you would normally from within the leave tab but select 'Other' instead of Holiday, here in the drop down menu you will see furlough as an option.

Please note; 

END DATE; You will be required to enter an end date for furlough leave, if this is left blank it will automatically assign only one day, this will also result in them not showing on the dashboard as furlough as the event has passed by the next day, it will only show those on furlough until a future date. Our research shows the minimum furlough leave at present is 3 weeks. If you are unsure of the end date, you will be able to add it in with the temporary end date, then when you have the final date, cancel and add it back in with the new end date. You are unable to edit the furlough leave entry.

ALREADY BOOKED LEAVE; It will cause a conflict if there is leave already booked in the system and you attempt to add furlough leave as you are unable to have two types of leave entered at the same time on Breathe. You have a few options to choose which will suit your business; 

You can...

  • Enter the furlough leave around the already booked holiday in separate entries Ending one set of furlough when the holiday starts and then starting a new Furlough leave as the leave ends.

  • Remove the booked holiday, enter the furlough leave and make a manual adjustment to the leave total to reflect the amount of leave taken, this will show in the adjustments tab with your accompanying reason.

  • Remove the holiday and make a note of the leave which can be done manually in the notes and reminders section under More on the profile or you can export it using the export feature and store it in the documents section, both found on the profile under the More tab. You will more than likely want to make a manual adjustment here also.

The leave export option is shown here.

Once you have workers registered as 'furlough' you will see them displayed on the dashboard. Please note; Only HR users are able to put people on Furlough leave.

You are able to filter the people list People > our people by choosing the furlough filter, you will also be able to run the leave overview report which shows the furlough entries. Ensure that you select the correct employment status also with this filter.

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