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Easily track your member's progress with the Assessments Tool

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The Assessments tool is available on the Established Plan. Designed to help you keep your clients on track with their individual, specific, measurable goals. The best part is that it's really easy to use - just follow the steps below!

First, head to the member's profile and click onto the Assessments tab: 

Next, add a new metric. Click on Record:

Then click Manage Metrics:

Then click +New - Let's add a metric. You can add the metric name, a description of the metric, and then choose the unit of measurement - This can be Time, Distance (metric or imperial), Volume (metric or imperial), and some other assorted units such as %, bpm, and reps:

Make sure the metric is enabled and then click Save:

If you added a description, this will show by hovering over the information icon beside the metric: 

Now, simply choose the date you wish to record the metric against and then fill it in as well as any comments and click save: 

Once this is saved, you will see the metric by selecting it from the drop down on the assessments screen - once you have more than one assessment recorded against the metric, it will show as a graph: 

If you click the Compare button, you can choose two or more points in the data for an easy comparison! Just click the Compare button: 

Then on the next page select two dates - If you'd like to compare more than two dates, simply click the Add another date button. This will list all metrics on that date - If a metric wasn't recorded on that date in particular, it will show as N/A:

You can even download your comparisons as a spreadsheet, or have the spreadsheet emailed to you!

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