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Save the Clubworx Member App to Your Home Screen (iPhone)
Save the Clubworx Member App to Your Home Screen (iPhone)

This article will show you how to save the Clubworx Member App to your iPhone home screen for easy access.

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Step 1. Open the Member App in the Safari web browser

If you did not receive your link or can't find it, you can contact your gym and they can resend it to you. If Safari is your default browser you will simply tap the link in the email and be prompted to save the page to your home screen.

Step 2. Tap the icon to reveal a menu

Step 3. Scroll to find the "Add to Home Screen" button, tap it

Step 4. Type in your gym's name and tap "Add"

"Clubworx" will appear in the field but feel free to change it to your gym's name. 

Step 5. Tap the icon to quickly access the Clubworx Member App

Use your PIN and log in anytime you need to book a class, buy a membership, or view your account. 

For more information about using the Member App, check out this article: Using the Member Portal

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