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Getting Started with Clubworx

Follow these basic steps to get your Clubworx account set up and get started

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1.  Uploading your contacts

The first thing to do is add all your contacts to the system.

2.  Create and add your membership plans

When you set up your membership plans, you will be able to add these memberships to your members. This article will guide you through the process of setting up different types of membership plans.

3.  Connecting your payments

Clubworx integrates with different payment providers. Have a look at this article to see which ones are available in your country and how to have it set up.

4.  Set up your website or integrate with your existing website

When you go to Admin-Website in the menu bar, you will see all your options for setting up your Clubworx hosted website. If you already have your own website, you can easily add your Clubworx timetable, contact form (which adds the contact as a prospect to Clubworx) and a 'Free Trial' button, to your existing website. See the 'Integrations' menu for more information.

5.  Set up your styles and ranks for Martial Arts Schools

It is easy to manage your styles and ranks that you use when grading your students in Clubworx. Just head to your Grading - Styles & Ranks menu.

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