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Managing Multiple Locations in a Single Clubworx Account
Managing Multiple Locations in a Single Clubworx Account

You can manage multiple sites in a single account

Updated over a week ago

Please note, this article is for managing locations in one account. If you require separate settlement accounts for payments, separate location reports, and staff only having access to data pertaining to their location - Please consider our multisite feature. For more info, you can read on here.

If you have multiple accounts, but wish to settle all finances into one account, and would like staff to see all members, you may consider setting up multiple locations within your Clubworx account.

First, to set up the locations, head to "Calendar" then "View Calendar" and select "+New": 

Then "Add Event":

Then, under "Location" select "Add/manage locations": 

Then you can add the locations that you require, and click "+Add Location" to add it, then "Ok" once you have added your locations:

Now, as well as being able to use these for classes, you will be able to assign locations to members. This means that revenue generated from their membership or POS sales will be assigned to that location also.

To assign a member a location, head to their contact profile and select "Update Contact Details": 

Then, select the location from the drop down and click "Save": 

Now, that your member has a location attached, you'll be able to filter your payments by location. Head to "Payments" then use the "Location" filter to choose a location: 

Now, you will be able to see payments only from that location: 

You will also be able to use the location as a filter in custom reports by heading to "Reports" then in a new or edited report, using the filter "Contact" > "Location" > "Equals" > "Location name":

Once you add the filter, and then save the report, this will only show members from that location: 

For further information on if managing multiple locations in a single account is right for you, please contact Clubworx support at 

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