Introduction to Tasks

You can set up reminders and tasks in Clubworx for yourself or your team.

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In Clubworx you can create and assign tasks and reminders for yourself as well as your team members. This very useful tool provides you with additional ways to manage your enquiries and member communication as well as assign tasks to team members that you can easily view and update within Clubworx.

To get to your tasks, simply click on the Tasks menu option:

The Tasks page contains an area on the left for searching tasks and a list of all tasks on the right. To create a new task, click on the 'Add Task' button as seen below.

In the 'Create Task' dialog you can add all the details for the task. Here you can assign the task to any of the users in your Clubworx system. The default types for a task are email, meeting or phone call. If you select 'Add new task type' you can add a new task type into the text field that appears below the 'Type'. It is simple to set a due date for the task by adding a date and time in the 'Due' area. You can set up a new task email to be sent to the assignee of the task as well as a reminder email so that the system sends an email at the start of the day that the task is due.

Once you have saved your new task it should appear in the list of tasks. From here you can edit or delete the task as well as change the status of a task.

When tasks are due, they will appear as an alert on the tasks tab and any due task will also be displayed on a dashlet on the right of your dashboard. You can easily manage or view due tasks there.

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