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Clubworx Mobile App: Proximity Checkin
Clubworx Mobile App: Proximity Checkin

The Clubworx Mobile App allows your members to check into classes totally contactlessly! Here's how to set it up!

Updated over a week ago

The mobile app is here and one super awesome feature is the ability for your members to be able to check into classes contactlessly - That means no need to pass around the tablet and the hand sanitiser - all your member needs is their mobile, the app, and their location on!

The first step will be that your account will need to have the mobile app Clubworx feature. Click here for more information to get started with this!
After this is all set up, you'll be able to access your mobile app settings through "Settings" then "Mobile App" and head down to "Proximity Checkin".

You will be able to manage your locations and addresses by clicking either of these buttons:

Each location can have one proximity check in location, which means if the member has location on, has allowed the app to use location, and is within proximity of your location, they can check in. So let's click "Manage" beside "Street Address" to create a new proximity check point by clicking "+New":

Then enter your gym or location address, you can choose a nickname for this, then click "Confirm address":

You will now be able to use this as a proximity check in location:

Back at "Proximity Checkin" you will be able to set this beside the locations that you can set for your events - Please note: Only one street address can be added per location:

Then, of course you can update all of your events to allow proximity check in by heading to "Proximity Checkin" and "Event Defaults" where you can switch this on, off, and choose your default settings for new events:

When adding an event to your calendar, you will now be able to choose if proximity check in is enabled for new and existing events on an individual level too. This will correspond with the location that you have set for them:

... And that's a wrap! If you still have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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