Inviting your Members to your Mobile App

How to get your members started on the mobile app

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We are so excited to roll out the new Clubworx Mobile App and we're sure that your members will be excited as well! To get your members started with the mobile app, they will need to download the Clubworx mobile app from the app or Google play store.

You will be able to invite your members in bulk or individually.

To invite your members in bulk, head to Settings > Mobile App > Bulk Contact Changes:

Then you can filter the contacts in the report, select the contacts you'd like to invite then click Bulk Update > Send invitation email or Send invitation SMS:

To invite members individually, you will just need to head to their profile and click over to Mobile App > Actions > Send invitation email or Send invitation SMS:

In either case, the member will receive an email that will show the member their username for the app, and ask them to set their password for the app:

After this, they will be able to log into the member app once it is downloaded onto their device.

If the member has family members attached to their profile, they will also be able to manage their memberships and bookings. This article outlines how family members can use one account.

You may also be interested in using push notifications and proximity check-in with the app.

If you have any further questions or queries about push notifications, or would just like more information on the app - Please contact the support team at!

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