Setting Up Appointment Types

Predefine the types of appointments you typically book your client's into to speed up your booking process!

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If you are scheduling one on one or small group appointments with your clients, Clubworx appointments are the fastest way to do this. Appointments are different to events or classes as they will not show on the public calendar. See steps below to use this feature.

1. Click on the ADMIN link in the top right of your account and select Appointment Types

2. You will now be on the Appointment Types list page. From here you can see any existing appointment types you have created, or you can create a new appointment type by clicking on the Add Appointment Type button in the top right of the page. 

3. An appointment type is basically an appointment template. So that you can quickly add an appointment to a member with particular preset conditions. 

Below, we are creating an appointment type for a Personal Training session. You can name the appointment, assign it a specific/custom category, pre-set the typical duration, description, and colour. This means you don't have to set these fields everytime you or your trainers add an appointment!

Please note, there is also an option at the bottom of this form (the "This appointment should deduct one session from the member's membership limit" checkbox), which you can unselect if this appointment is typically a 'free' appointment. An example of this would be a free trial that you book contacts into.  

Now you have set up your Appointment Types, click here to read more about how to quickly add appointments when booking in your members and prospects!

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