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Sending Push Notifications to your Contacts Mobiles
Sending Push Notifications to your Contacts Mobiles

Clubworx mobile member app allows you to send notifications directly to your members phones!

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We're very excited to announce that with the Clubworx mobile app comes the capacity to send your members notifications directly to their phones! Once a member has downloaded the mobile app (and as long as they have enabled notifications from the app) you will be able to reach them right from their home screen!

Once you have the mobile app, you can send the push notification for no additional charge from anywhere that allows you to send a regular message such as (but not limited to!) the New Bulk Message page, the Comms tab of a contact profile, Sequences, or Roll Call.

Before you can start sending push notifications, the member must have accepted their app invite and signed into the app to become notifiable. In their app permissions settings, they also have to make sure that they've allowed the app to send them push notifications. If they don't, the notification will still show in their "Notifications" tab within the app, but not on their homescreen/lockscreen.

Push Notifications work the same way as an email or SMS. So anywhere that you can send a message from, push notifications will now appear as an option such as:

  • New Bulk Message

  • Contact profile "Comms" tab

  • Messaging event attendees

  • Kiosk

  • Roll Call

  • Grading Events

  • Sequences (as a sequence action)

The "Message Subject" will be what shows up in the notification on the member's home screen and "Message Body" is what will appear in the app when the member checks the "Notifications" section of the app.

Just like regular messages and bulk messages, you can use a report to message everyone in the report, or individual members or NACs - And you can also use the yellow merge tags to personalise your notifications:

First, make sure you have Push Notification selected as your sending option.

Next, add your Message Subject - This will be what appears as the notification in the phone.

Lastly, add the Message Body - This will be what appears in the app when your contact clicks on the message and is sent into the Notifications section of the app.

A few last bits and pieces:

  • If the member has not logged in to the app within 2 months, you won't be able to send them push notifications until they log in again.

  • The push notifications will show on any device they are logged into (that has enabled them). So if someone has used their spouses phone to log in, but is logged in on their own phone too, both would get the notification.

If you have any further questions or queries about push notifications, or would just like more information on the app - Please contact the support team at!

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