SMS and Clubworx

Learn how text messages (SMS) work in your Clubworx account.

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How to Send SMS

With Clubworx you can send text messages to your members and prospects individually, in bulk, and automatically. 


To send an individual contact an SMS, go to their profile page and click the Comms tab. Then choose to Send by SMS. From there, write your message and tap Send Message.


To send a message to a group of contacts, go to Messages, then New Bulk Message. 

In the Recipients field you can either type the names of contacts or you can type in the name of a report to add all contacts contained in that report. You can create custom reports to segment your contacts into groups, then message those groups using a bulk message.

Automated (Sequences)

Create sequences of automated emails and SMS that are triggered automatically when a contact takes a certain action. These automated emails and SMS are great for nurturing prospects, welcoming new members, and staying engaged with existing members. The Sequences page is located in the Messages tab.
Learn more about Sequences.

How Free Quotas and Billing Work 

Free Quotas

Depending on your Clubworx plan, you may have a quota of free SMS per month. This free quota resets every month automatically. Any SMS sent over the free quota result in a per message fee. To see your free quota limit, go to the Billing page in your account (Admin -> Billing). If you have already subscribed to Clubworx, you can click the Change Plan button to reveal your quota and price per message.  


If the free quota is exceeded, the overage fees are automatically calculated and added to your next Clubworx invoice. 

How to Track SMS Usage

There are two main features that come in handy when tracking SMS usage. They are the Sent this Month and the Characters Used metrics. When sending a manual SMS from either the Contact Profile page or from the Bulk Message page, these two metrics appear. 

Sent this Month

This feature displays the number of SMS sent in the current month. It is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the SMS message builder. 

Characters Used

This feature displays the number of characters used in the current message. It is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the SMS message builder. This feature will also display the approximate number of messages that will be sent. For example, if the SMS is very long the system may have to break it into 2 messages. In this example, this would count as 2 messages against the free quota.  

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