How to Delete Events in Bulk

If you need to delete events in bulk for a period of time (like school holidays) this will step you through how to do this

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In this article, we will look at deleting events in bulk for a select period eg. for a holiday period.

First, head to Reports. Then click Attendance. After this, you can click on Bulk Delete Events.

After this, you can choose the dates that you would like to delete the events between. Let's just say two weeks for a school holiday period.

Then, you can filter your events based on event name, location, event type, trainer, style (for martial arts businesses), and booking status.

From there, you can select all or just select some of them. Once you've selected the events you'd like to remove, you just click Delete Selected:

You will then be asked to confirm the deletion of the events (please note, this cannot be undone) then move to the next screen where you will have the option to message any contacts booked into the events:

If you don't need to message anyone, you can choose No, I do not need to send this message, otherwise you can choose if the message is an Email or SMS, choose if additional contacts for your members and prospects are included, and then compose your message. Then click Delete events + Send messages:

You will then get the confirmation modal, which will let you know where the confirmation of deletion email will be sent. You can now press OK.

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