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Notes & Documents

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In any coaching relationship, it is crucial to have a streamlined system for organizing and accessing client-specific notes and documents. A well-structured approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information. In this article, we will explore the different methods available within your coaching platform to manage and maintain client notes and documents effectively.

Notes and Documents

The notes and documents section serves as a centralized repository for all your client-related information. Accessing this section is simple and can be done through multiple avenues.


To add a note quickly, you can utilize the notes icon located in your sidebar. By clicking on this icon, a note creation window will appear. Once you have entered the desired information, save the note. It will then be populated within the notes section, and you will also find it easily accessible within your client's calendar.

Private Notes

Another way to add notes is through private notes during specific training sessions. By accessing a training session, you can navigate to the comments section and add a note there. Depending on the training day associated with the note, it will be stored accordingly within the notes section. It is essential to note that these private notes are only viewable by you and not accessible to your client.


In addition to notes, your coaching platform allows you to attach client-specific documents within the document section. This feature enables you to upload relevant files that pertain to your client's coaching journey. To add a document, simply provide the document's name and description. Moreover, you have the option to toggle the visibility of the document to the client. This flexibility ensures that you maintain control over the document's accessibility.

If you choose to show a document to your client, they can easily access it through their CoachRx app in the document section. This seamless integration allows your clients to retrieve important files conveniently, enhancing the overall coaching experience.

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