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When it comes to achieving fitness goals, we often focus solely on exercise design and execution. However, it is equally important to incorporate lifestyle planning into our fitness routines. Recognizing this crucial aspect, CoachRx has introduced lifestyle plans to help individuals tailor their fitness journeys to their unique needs and preferences. By utilizing this innovative feature, users can conveniently access their lifestyle plans via the sidebar on the platform.

Creating Personalized Lifestyle Plans

To begin creating a lifestyle plan, users can simply navigate to the lifestyle section, denoted by a broccoli icon (🥦) in the sidebar. From there, they can add a plan by selecting their desired start date and determining the duration of the plan in weeks. The next step involves adding prescriptions, which are specific guidelines or recommendations for various aspects of daily life.

Within the index, users can find a range of predefined lifestyle types, including the OPEX basic lifestyle guidelines. While these existing options are readily available, CoachRx also allows users to personalize and add new lifestyle types to meet their individual needs and those of their clients.

Customizing Prescriptions

For each lifestyle type chosen, users have the freedom to define specific prescriptions. A prescription outlines the desired actions or behaviors for the client to follow. These prescriptions can be easily updated and edited within the index.

For example, if the selected lifestyle type is "energy," the user may create a prescription related to bedtime routines. They can specify a recommended action, such as winding down each night at a particular time, say 10:00 PM. By selecting the applicable days, users can determine when the prescription and associated notifications will be pushed to their clients' app.

Setting Notifications and Reminders

The notifications serve as reminders to clients, prompting them to adhere to the prescribed lifestyle plan for the day. When configuring a lifestyle plan, users can set a notification time that suits their clients' preferences. This feature ensures that individuals receive timely reminders and can report their compliance with the lifestyle plan via the app.

Saving and Tracking Lifestyle RX

Once the lifestyle prescriptions have been added, users can either include additional prescriptions or proceed to save the Lifestyle RX. The saved plan will populate on the users' calendar as a white tag, distinguishing it from exercise priorities, which are represented as black tags.

In our pursuit of fitness goals, we must recognize the significance of lifestyle planning alongside exercise design and execution. CoachRx's introduction of lifestyle plans offers a comprehensive solution that empowers users to customize and personalize their fitness journeys. By incorporating lifestyle prescriptions and notifications, individuals can effectively manage and track their adherence to the prescribed lifestyle plan. With CoachRx's user-friendly interface and versatile features, achieving fitness goals has never been more accessible and tailored to individual needs.

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