Prime Time Reservations

***If you set Prime Times you will be charged $1 per court per month additional charge. See below.

Prime Time reservations restrictions:

1) Limit amount of Prime Time reservations someone can book (ex. Saturdays from 7am - 12pm, Sundays from 7am - 12pm, Holidays, etc.).

2) Limits the duration of the reservations.

If we go to Settings > Booking Settings > Prime Times we can create these intervals.

Once here, we can manage our current intervals, as well as

If we click on 'Prime Times' we can create time intervals. See the example below of Saturday from 9am - 12pm.

If we press 'EDIT' we will be taken to this page.

Here, we can customize the 'From' and 'To' times as well as the days/dates we would like to apply these intervals

If we create a Prime Time interval, it will then ask us to select 'Eligible Court(s) for the Prime Time Reservations'

Once the Prime Time interval has been created and the courts have been selected, you can then go to Settings > Reservation Settings > Reservation Types:

Now we can go to EDIT a pre-existing reservation type and add minimum and maximum limit for Prime Time Reservations being made.

Once our interval(s) is created and our reservations are updated, we can then go over to Booking Settings > Restrictions

Here, we can scroll down until we see the restriction 'By Prime Time Reservation Count.'

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