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What results will I see on the D3 (habit formation) plans?
What results will I see on the D3 (habit formation) plans?

Will I lose weight? Will I put on lost weight again?

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The primary intention behind the D3 plans or the habit formation plans are not your typical results i.e. weight loss or inch loss. While this might sound counter-intuitive, this is the period where your body is consolidating its gains and metabolically becoming the new you.

Let's say you lost 10 kilos over a short period, say 2 months. You did this by drastically cleaning up your diet, adding activity daily (or even twice a day) and ensuring you got enough sleep. That's stupendous. But it takes a bit of time for your body to play catch up. It still does a few things internally thinking you are +10 kilos. Your hormones that signal "You are full", for example, are expecting a bit more food. But you are 10 kilos lighter and so need a lot lesser food. This is one part of the reason why we tend to put on weight after rapid fat loss.

During the habit formation phase, you will bank your gains. You will see

  • improved sleep.

  • reduced stress.

  • weight maintenance.

  • habits being solidified.

  • hormonal balance.

And when you blast off and do the weight loss phase in a few weeks, you will zoom from right where you left off. And not keep losing the same kilos over and over again.

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