What kind of exports can I expect from TrafficSurvey Viewer?

OD matrix, trajectories movement dynamics, traffic region crossing events, Gap-Time/Time-to-Follow, traffic survey video and much more!

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DataFromSky Viewer is a desktop application working with a traffic video that you shoot. Based on AI used in our DataFromSky AI platform, objects and their trajectories are detected within the video. Thanks to DataFromSky Viewer you can visualize data from the video including the possibility to export raw data or statistics out of it. Set your own gates, traffic, or action region or display information about each object, such as speed, acceleration, position within WGS84, or UTM and their trajectories. Export all the above-mentioned data from your video to a .CSV or .XLS file or make a visualized export out of your video so you can easily present the data to your colleagues or clients!

In DataFromSky Viewer some of the data might be exported to a .CSV or .XLS file. For more information about each export, see the list below:

  • Trajectories Movement Dynamics - Export information about each object and its trajectory within gates that you have set.

  • Turning Movement Counts (export traffic analysis) - Export gate crossing events based on your own time-lapse.

  • Gate Crossing Events - Stop manual counting, set your own virtual gates that will count and categorize objects for you.

  • Traffic Region Crossing Events - Set your own traffic region and analyze behavior within the region (entry/exit time, average speed, acceleration, or stationary time)

  • Export trajectories - Get information about each object for each millisecond of the video.

  • Gap-Time/Time-to-Follow - Export data about the distance between cars and time to follow objects on roundabouts or intersections.

  • Origin-Destination Statistics - Visualize statistic data about the relation between two or more gates and export your own OD matrix.

In the case of visualized data, you can use the possibility to:

  • Export traffic survey snapshot - Export gates, regions, and other statistical data, that you can see in the video, to one simple picture.

  • Export traffic survey video - Export gates, regions, and other statistical data that might be visualized in the video. This might help you to ease the interpretation of your data.

See how to use data from DataFromSky Software in PTV Vissim for further modeling in the following video:

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