Game Worker Management

Assign and pay your 1099 workers in the game schedule so that all communications and scheduling happens in one place.

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Step 1: Onboard your game workers by sharing the step-by-step instructions below. They'll simply create a free DragonFly account and connect to your school.

Step 2: An administrator at your school can assign workers in the DragonFly Game Schedule. Simply click on the game, then choose the 'Officials and Workers' tab.

Step 3: After the game or event, return to the DragonFly Game Schedule to send a payment. The worker can view and withdraw their money for free in the 'My Money' section within the DragonFly website or mobile app. If they make $600 or more, we'll handle their 1099s come tax season.

Step 4: If your game workers need help getting their money, share the instructions below. They'll add and verify their bank account, then click the 'Withdraw' button.

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