1. GET THE WORD OUT - As your profile has no reviews yet and you are not yet officially an Eatwith host , it’s also up to you to to fill your table.  our first event will need extra promotional legwork, so here a few pro tips:

  • Personally invite your friends (they need to book in order to leave a review)

  • Share the event link on Social Media and ask your friends to spread the word


the most successful events are ones that reflect the host’s unique personality.  From the seating to the lighting, make it unique and special!

  • Make sure your personality is expressed through your experience and the small details. 

  • Wear comfortable clothes but also make sure you feel good with the way you're dressed! 

  • Play music you like to cook to.


This will be a first-time experience for many of your guests – they might be just as nervous as you!  A few small touches can help them feel at ease: 

  • Hang a welcome sign on your door.

  • Have drinks or water ready as guests come in.  People like having something to do with their hands.

  • Let guests know where the bathrooms are upon arrival.


Hosts are encouraged but not required to actually sit down and eat with guests.  There are plenty of ways to make the experience friendly and genuine.

  • Invite your guests into the kitchen to observe (or participate!) in the prep

  • Join the table for dessert, tea or a digestif after the main course.

  • Include your partner, spouse, kids, or housemates in the event (don't forget to introduce them).


Your first guests are your ambassadors to the rest of the world. Make them your fans!

  • Ask and remind all of your guests to leave a review of your experience. 

  • Take a photo with your first guests and tag them on your social media (if they approve!).

  • Let guests know how to tag you and @eatwith on social media.

  • After the event you can send your guests a group message and thank them for coming!

The demo didn't go as expected? That’s OK.  

If you can laugh about it, you can learn from it.  

Get inspired


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: support@eatwith.com.

Good Luck!
The Community Team. 

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