The Eatwith community is made up of hosts from over 130+ countries who all share the same value: sharing their passion for food and entertaining. From homecooks to Michelin-trained chefs, Eatwith hosts welcome guests in their home and exclusive venues of their choice. From dinner parties, cooking classes and food tours, we believe the most meaningful connections are made enjoying food at the table.  Apply to become an Eatwith host and connect to a community of travelers and locals from around the world.

  1. Visit the Become a Host page and click "Become a Host"

*Be sure to know and be ready with the experience you'd like to create. On the application you'll be asked to tell us about the experience and upload photos of you as a host, the venue and your food.

2. Create an Eatwith account (sign up)

3. Begin creating your Eatwith  application and sample experience
In order to learn about you and what you're planning to offer your Eatwith guests, we've created a shorter process, that will allow us to determine if you should go ahead and become an Eatwith host or if there are things missing that you'll need to add (photos, information about the experience etc.)

The application is consisted from two parts:
First part: Your profile
Second part: Your sample experience (a shorten, less detailed version of what you're planning to offer on Eatwith).

4. Submit your Eatwith application to the community team for review

Depending on the volume of applications, your application will be reviewed within 14 business days. 

5. What to do once you're application has been approved

You have now received an email notification from Eatwith that your experience has been approved. By now, the Eatwith team will not review youtr experience once again.
The next step will be to complete your experience by adding more details, completing your menu, set your payment preferences and set your first date for hosting your first event on your host calendar. 

7. You've hosted your first Eatwith Event, now what?
Send a thank you note to all your guests and encourage them to leave you a review! Upload additional photos that you took during your first event to add to your profile. Review the Eatwith host best practices here. Your Community Manager will be in touch to let you know if there are any missing details before being approved to join the Eatwith community.

8. Check General Host FAQs Here

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