Eatwith hosts can customize their cancellation policy by experience and by the event date, here's how!

 IMPORTANT NOTE: If a booking is made through our partners’ platforms, you will receive an email and an inbox message detailing their cancellation policy. The partner’s cancellation policy will not be able to be edited and will apply for that booking.

Edit your Cancellation policy by experience

  1. Log-in to your Eatwith host account

  2. Go to "My Experiences"

  3. Select "edit" for the experience you would like to customize the Cancellation Policy for

  4. Go to "Description" and scroll down to find the "Cancellation Policy"
    **You can customize the Cancellation Policy depending on whether it is a Public Event or if it is a Private Event

  5. Click "save & continue"

Customize the Cancellation Policy when you (1) schedule an event or by (2) editing the event that you already scheduled. See how below.

Case 1 - Customize Cancellation Policy when Scheduling a select event

  1. Go to "calendar"

  2. Select the date and "plus" icon for the date you would like to schedule your event for the selected experience 

  3. Once the event has been scheduled, see below the menu to customize the cancellation deadline

Case 2 - Customizing the Cancellation Policy once by editing the event that you already scheduled

  1. Go to "calendar"

  2. Select the event date where you would like to customize the cancellation policy

  3. Select "edit event details"

  4. Select the alternative Cancellation Policy you would like to apply for this specific event date

  5. Select "save"

Additional FAQs for customizing your Eatwith Experience

Q: Is there a default Cancellation Policy if I do not want to customize my cancellation policy?
A: Yes, if the Cancellation Policy is not customized by the host, then the default will be for 48h (2 days) before the event.
Q: Can the  Cancellation Policy affect my booking requests?
A: YES. Guests want to be able to cancel bookings and have their money refunded. So the stricter your Cancellation Policy is, the higher the chances are that users will become more hesitant to book your experience.

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