Once you’ve received a Private Event booking request you’re happy to host, you will need to approve this request to proceed with the payment, in order to confirm the booking on your calendar.

Remind guests to proceed with payment

Once approved, the guest will receive an automatic email from Eatwith to pay for their Private Event. In addition to this, we’d strongly recommend the host - you - to personally message the guest reminding them to make the payment on the site as soon as possible. If you have not received an answer after 3 - 4 days, we’d recommend cancelling the event and politely explaining to your guest via your Eatwith inbox that the date is still available, and if they would like to confirm the event, they are welcome to get in contact again and proceed with the payment.

Can guests split the payment of a Private Event?

It is now possible for the guest to split the payment with the other guests attending the event, so you can expect to receive the payment in several installments from multiple guests.

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