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In this article you find more information about the different buttons and functionalities that you see on the schedule page.

Tools (3)

Availability lock

Next to the date you can see an open lock, a closed lock or a question mark.

  • Open lock: Team members can submit their availability for this day.

  • Closed lock: Availability cannot be submitted for this day.

  • Question mark: Availability can be submitted, but not for all venues (in case you have multiple venues).

Do you see the following error message? This has to do with your availability period settings. Please read this if you want to adjust this setting.

Team panel

In the Team panel you get an overview of the scheduled hours and sick reports of your team members.

  • Scheduled hours: An overview of the number of planned hours or the number of planned shifts per team member for this week.

  • Sick reports: An overview of the sick reports of your team members.

Click here for more information about the functionality of the Team panel.


With the Tools button you can make scheduling easier thanks to some quick actions.

  • Edit multiple shifts: Select multiple shifts for which you want to make an adjustment, for example change the start time.

  • Load template: Load a saved template into a certain week.

  • Save template: Save a schedule as a template, so you can reuse it again later.

  • Edit templates: Manage the different templates and rename them.

  • Clear this week: Delete all shifts on the schedule for this week.

  • Add event: Add a special event to the schedule.

  • Export planning: Export the schedule of a certain period to Excel.

  • Time settings: Choose the rounding of the start and end time of shifts. This can be down to the minute, or per 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.


On the left bottom of the page you find some filters for the schedule.

  • Venue: If you have multiple venues, you can use this filter to see the schedule of one or multiple venues.

  • Teams: If you want to see the schedule of a specific team, you can use this filter.

  • Status: With this filter you can choose to only see published, unpublished, open shifts or shifts with trade requests in the schedule.

⚠️ Note: While making the schedule you can easily switch between two views. Read more about it in these articles:

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