How to Delete a Program

Steps to delete one or more Programs

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Open the Programs tab in the My Company settings. Click on the three dots beside the Program you want to delete. Click the "Delete" button.

Make sure you want to delete the Program. Deleting a Program will do the following:

  • Removes it from the Enroll Form

  • Removes it from the Customer Portal

  • Removes it from the Instructor Portal

  • Classes within the Program will not be accessible on the Classes page

  • Cancels any future Class Reminders

  • Cancels any future Invoice and Payment events scheduled

If you still want to delete the Program, click "Delete" again.

Once you click the "Delete" button, the Program will be deleted. You will have to do this for each Program, as there is not currently a way to bulk delete Programs.

Delete Enrollments

If there are any enrollments in the Program, you will see a warning page that instructs you to re-enroll those enrollments (or delete them, if applicable) before you will be allowed to delete the Program.

To view the enrollments still in the Program, click on the enrollments link. In the example above, you would click on "14 enrollments" (as shown below).

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