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How to Archive/Unarchive Programs
How to Archive/Unarchive Programs

Do you have older Programs that you want to hide? Here's what happens when you archive them

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You can archive Programs on the Programs page. Some reasons you may want to archive a Program:

  • A Program has ended, but you want to keep the enrollment history

  • A Program hasn't started yet, but you want to go ahead and create it

Archive One Program

Click the three dots beside the Program you wish to archive and choose "Archive."

Duplicate and archive programs in Enrollsy

Bulk Archive

To archive more than one Program, select the Programs you wish to archive and then the bulk Archive button. The Program will then be moved under Archived.

bulk archive programs in Enrollsy

Archiving Consequences

When you click on the archive button, a confirmation dialog will display. This dialog lists the effects of archiving a Program.

We'll go over each of these consequences in detail.

  • Removals

    When you archive a Program, that Program is removed from several areas:

    • The Enroll Form (so that no one can enroll in the Program again)

    • The Customer Portal and the Instructor Portal (the Program will no longer be able to be accessed from these portals)

    • Classes within the Program will also be inaccessible on the Classes page

  • Cancellations

    After archiving a Program, the following will be canceled:

    • All future Class reminders for enrollments in this Program

    • Any future Invoices and Payment Events scheduled for this Program

  • Preservations

    Archiving a Program, however, DOES preserve all historical contexts of enrollments, including Account information, Enrollee information, and all historical transactions (payments and charges).

How to View Archived Programs

To view the Program you have archived, simply click on the "Archived" tab.

How to UNarchive Programs

To unarchive a Program, click on the three dots beside the archived Program, then select "Unarchive" and then "Yes." The Program will be unarchived and return to the Current tab.

To unarchive multiple Programs, select the Programs and then click the bulk unarchive icon at the top right.

NOTE: When you UNarchive a Program, all the above consequences (removals & cancellations) will return.

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