Instructor FAQs

How do I view my Classes?

  • When you log in to the Instructor Portal, you can see a list of all your classes. The Classes will be filtered by today's date. You can clear the filter to see all your Classes if that's preferred. Click on a Class to see the list of Students. Check out: How do I view My Classes in the Instructor Portal?

How do I check in/out?

  • By using a device set up with the Kiosk. Punch in the last 4 digits of your phone number and your 4-digit PIN, then "Check In" or "Check Out." You can change the PIN in by signing in to the Teacher App and clicking the menu in the top right and choosing PIN.

How do I enter/exit a Classroom?

  • Directly under the Class you've selected on the Activities page, you'll see a green button with an icon of someone going into a door. Click it to Enter. The button will turn red, and the icon will change to someone exiting a door. Click it to Exit.

How do I text Account Holders/Parents?

  • On the list of Enrollees, click the chat bubble to text the Primary Account Holder/Parent. Teachers cannot group text unless they have access to the Classes page (this is permission that must be granted by an Admin), but can send activities with messages to multiple Account Holders/Parents.

How do I view and log Activities?

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