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Instructor FAQs

How do I log in for the FIRST time?

Ensure your profile has been set up in Enrollsy by an Admin, and you log in at the right place: Enrollsy App/Instructor Log In OR at app.enrollsy.com/instructor. To learn more, see this support article.

How do I log in/reset my password?

An Admin user must first set up your Instructor profile correctly, AND you're at the right place (Enrollsy App/Instructor Log In or at app.enrollsy.com/instructor. See the following article for more assistance:

How do I change my contact information?

Log in to the instructor portal and click "My Account" in the menu. On the My Account page, select "Personal" to add or update the following information:

  • Profile photo

  • Name

  • Contact Info

  • Bio Info

How do I add my schedule?

Log in to the instructor portal and click "My Account" in the menu. On the My Account page, select "Availability." This is where you can add your weekly availability.

How do I contact Enrollsy Support?

Support is available for Instructors on the Help page of the Instructor Portal.

How do I view my Classes?

When you log in to the Instructor Portal, you can see a list of all your classes. The Classes will be filtered by today's date. You can clear the filter to see all your Classes if that's preferred. Click on a Class to see the list of Students. Check out: How to view Classes in the Instructor Portal.

How do I view Enrollee Timelines & Account Information?

Within the Activity page, you can also see the Enrollee and Account info collected during enrollment. Just click on the info icon to view this information. See this support article for more information.

How do I punch in and out?

Instructors can clock in and out by using a device set up with the Kiosk. Punch in the last four digits of your phone number and 4-digit PIN, then "Check In" or "Check Out." You can change the PIN by signing in to the Teacher App, clicking the menu in the top right, and choosing PIN. See How Instructors check in and out with the Kiosk for more information.

How do I enter/exit a Classroom?

Directly under the Class you've selected on the Activities page, you'll see a green button with an icon of someone going into a door. Click it to Enter. The button will turn red, and the icon will change to someone exiting a door. Click it to Exit. Click here for more details.

How do I check in/out Enrollees?

Instructors can easily check in and check out Enrollees on our dedicated Check In/Out page within the Instructor Portal. Click here to see how.

How do I text Account Holders?

On the list of Enrollees, click the chat bubble to text the Primary Account Holder or the Secondary Account Holder. Teachers cannot group text unless they have access to the Classes page (this is permission that an Admin must grant). However, they can send activities with messages to multiple Account Holders/Parents. See How Instructors can send and receive texts from Account Holders for more info.

How do I call Account Holders?

Instructors can call Primary or Secondary Account Holders on the Classes page, Activities page, or Check In/Check Out page. See How Instructors can call Account Holders for more detailed steps.

How do I view and log Activities?

Click on Activities (or In/Out for checking in and out) in the top right menu. Check the Enrollees you want to log activity for, or the Select all box at the top, and then choose the activity type. See How do I view & log Activities in the Instructor Portal?

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