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What to Do if an Instructor Cannot Log In
What to Do if an Instructor Cannot Log In

What to do if an Instructor gets an error message when signing in to Enrollsy

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Login Permission

First of all, make sure the Instructor has login permission. You can see if they do on the Instructors page (My Company > Users > Instructors).

Underneath "Login" will be a green person/checkmark icon. This means the Instructor has login access. If the Instructor does not have login access, there won't be any icon underneath "Login."

login permission for instructors in Enrollsy

If you wish to grant the Instructor login access, click on the blue pencil icon beside the Instructor's name. Scroll down to "Role & Assignments" and click on the checkbox beside "Add a Login" and Save.

give an instructor login permission in Enrollsy

Sign In Link/URL

If the Instructor has login access, an Instructor may get this error message if they are not logging into the correct URL.

Ensure the Instructor is logging into the Enrollsy Instructor App on a browser at or Or they are choosing "Instructor Login" on the Enrollsy app.

Correct Email Address

Make sure they are using the correct email address. To verify this, go to the Instructors page. Here you can double-check the email address. If it needs to be edited, click on the pencil icon beside the Instructor's name.

correct email address for instructors in Enrollsy

Password Reset Email

Many times they did receive a password reset email, but they didn't click on it soon enough (password reset emails expire in 2 hours for security reasons), or they didn't see it or bother searching their inbox/junk/spam folders.

If neither of the steps above works, whitelist by following these instructions.

If you still need help, use the resources on this page to troubleshoot or contact Enrollsy through chat.

Reset Multi-Factor Authentication

If an Instructor gets a new phone or changes their email address, another Admin User can reset their MFA (multi-factor authentication).

To reset an instructor's multi-factor authentication (MFA), follow these steps:

  1. From this page, edit the Admin or Instructor you want to reset in the drawer on the right.

  2. Click "Authentication," then click the reset Multi-Factor Authentication refresh icon:

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