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Instructors can text Primary or Secondary Account Holders (or both) and receive texts from them. Unlike Admins, Instructors can’t group text Account Holders, but they can send other types of group messages, such as timeline posts or other activities with a message.

Sending Texts

On the list of Enrollees, click the bubble to text the Primary Account Holder, Secondary Account Holder, or both:

text bubble in Enrollsy teacher app

The following screen will display all text messages sent to that particular Account Holder.

text messages in Enrollsy teacher app

NOTE: Primary Account Holders (Parents) receive Enrollsy text messages as actual text in whatever Messages app they use (not in the Enrollsy App itself).

Viewing Texts

When a new text message comes in, it will appear on the Activities page in the Instructor portal as a red dot.

Simply click on the SMS icon to open up the texting window.

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Instructor FAQs

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