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How Admin can send group texts to Customers
How Admin can send group texts to Customers

Need to send a message to many Account Holders at once? Here's how!

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Step 1 - Pages with Texting Capability

The following Admin pages have access to the SMS icon to text:

Step 2 - Select Enrollees

Click the top check box to select all Enrollees or select them individually. Click the SMS button:

SMS button in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Select Account Holder(s)

A window will pop up where you can choose to message the Primary Account Holder, Secondary Account Holder, or both. Depending on which page you are on, you will see one of these messages:

text primary account holder or both message in Enrollsy

Enrollees Table, Classes page, and Reports page

open primary or secondary holder sms conversation or send text to both in Enrollsy

Billing and Account pages

Step 4 - Write & Send Text

A new window will open up that will show the total recipients and a list of their names. Write your message in the Message box.

NOTE: Bulk texts have a maximum of 160 characters; if you go over 160 characters, Enrollsy will warn you that you are sending multiple billable message segments per recipient, and you have to approve that. See our warning message below:

greater than 160 characters SMS text messages in Enrollsy
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