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Key differences in a Customer Enrollment vs. an Admin Enrollment
Key differences in a Customer Enrollment vs. an Admin Enrollment
The difference between a Customer-created Enrollment and an Admin-created Enrollment
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The Enrollment process looks mostly the same. Some similarities include:

  • Existing Accounts automatically load if the same email address is used.

  • Customers and Admin can choose the Program(s) or Class(es) for Enrollees.

Key Differences

Required Fields

Admins are not required to fill out all required fields. For example, regardless of which fields are required for a Primary Account Holder, Enrollsy will only require an Admin to enter a first name and an email address.

Program Selection

Admin Users can view and select unpublished Enrollment Periods, Programs, and/or Classes. They can also override any full Classes.


If any payment is required, the customer must pay before finishing enrollment. Admins skip over the payment section, even if it's required. To do this, uncheck any Pay-in-Full or Payment Plan boxes so that all amounts equal zero.

uncheck boxes to override tuition on Admin-created enrollment in Enrollsy

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes will NOT work when Admins enroll because they are not submitting payment at enrollment (and are changing any charges to zero).

Enrollment Email

New enrollment email notifications are NOT automatically sent to Admins or customers when Admins manually enroll someone. The Admin User must check the boxes to send email confirmations and any E-signature Documents.

how to send email confirmations and documents on admin-created enrollment in Enrollsy


A generic, unknown password will be created for the customer that they will have to reset if an Admin does their enrollment. If a customer enrolls themselves, they will create a password.

To learn how to enroll someone as an Admin, click the support article.

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