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How to Test your E-Signature Document

You've created your Document, learn how to test it for errors

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If you haven't created an E-signature Document yet, learn how to do that here. After you have created your Document, you can easily test it. Here's how.

Step 1 - Send Test Tab

Be sure you are on the Documents page (My Company > Forms > Documents). Click on the pencil edit icon on the E-signature Document you wish to test:

E-signature Document editor in Enrollsy

When the Document Editor opens up, navigate over to the Send Test tab .

Step 2 - Enter Account

In the Step 1 section, do a search for ANY existing Account via Enrollee or Account Holder name that has enough filled-out information for you to test.

NOTE: This can be ANY active Account; the Document will NOT be sent to the Account Holder/Signer(s).

Step 3 - Send Test

In Step 2, enter the email address you would like to receive the Test Document (this can be your own). Click Send Test.

Step 2 of testing an E-signature document in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Check Email

Check the email address you sent the test to for an email with this subject line:

"[Company Name] [Document Name] - Signature requested by" The sender will be Your email will look similar to this example:

test e-signature document email from Enrollsy

Click on the "Review & Sign" button. The document will open with this message:

mock signature request notice in Enrollsy

Step 5 - Go through the Document

Click OK, then "Get Started" to go through the Document as a customer would. Your Document will be similar to the one below.

e-signature document test in Enrollsy

Check the Document for the following:

  • All fields that are supposed to be required are required (the field will be marked with a red asterisk).

  • All fields are mapped correctly (if you have missed a field, the Primary Account Holder's email address will show in the field).

  • All sender fields are correct (they will be blank unless you fill in a Placeholder Text in the Design Editor. See this support article for how to design an E-signature Document.

  • All information shows up correctly in the field(s). NOTE: If the information is cut off, you will need to adjust the field in the Design Editor.

As you go through the Document, all the Required Fields that are left to be filled will show up in the top left corner of the document (as shown below).

required fields left on Enrollsy test document

When all the required fields are filled, you will see the message, "You have completed all required fields. Please click 'Continue.'"

completed all required fields in test document in Enrollsy

Step 6 - Make Changes

If you have any changes that need to be made, open the Design Editor to make the changes. Save the template (you can send another test at this time; you can send as many test Documents as you wish).

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