When the company you're enrolled with sends you a Document to sign, you will receive an email that looks similar to this one (replaced with the Company Name and the name of the Document you are signing):

e-signature document signature request email in Enrollsy

For further instruction on how to sign a Document, take a look at the following video (NOTE: Enrollsy Documents DO NOT include the options: Reassign, Decline, or Download, as shown below).

Options not available for Enrollsy Documents

Multiple Signers

For two Signers, the system first sends the Document to the first Signer's email. After the first Signer signs the Document, then the system sends it to the second Signer's email.

Once both Signers have signed the Document, an email notification will go to BOTH Signers and will look much like the one below. The subject line will say "Everyone has signed [Company Name] - [Document Name]" and will come from this email address: noreply@mail.hellosign.com.

Enrollsy email for multiple signers

NOTE: If the same email address is used for both signers, the system will send a second email after the Document is signed the first time. The two-signer concept is usually meant to be for two different people with different emails. If you need a second signer (or more), it is best to use different email addresses.

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