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How to Log Meal Counts for Multiple Enrollees
How to Log Meal Counts for Multiple Enrollees

Find out how to enter meals per Class in the Instructor App

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If you log meal counts, the only way to enter them in bulk is through the Instructor App on a Class-by-Class basis. The Instructor App can be accessed through or (This is not an Admin group action as of the writing of this article).

Any Admin can create an Instructor Account to do this. You can learn how in this support article. Once you create an Instructor account, login at and follow these steps:

Step 1 - Filter by Date

From the Instructor App, first, choose the Class, then filter by date:

filter Classes to log meals in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Adjust Time

If needed, change the time. Click the "Now" button to choose a different time:

adjust time for meal count in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Select Enrollees

Select the Enrollees by checking the boxes beside their names or choose "Select All" to select all Enrollees in that Class.

select enrollees to log meals in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Choose an Activity

Click "Lunch" (or whatever your meal Activity is), and you're done!

bulk meal counts in Enrollsy

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