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Enrollsy prides itself on customization. Customizing the gender field is an example of how you can customize our features to fit your company.

Our default "Gender" field includes the options "Male" and "Female." If you need more options, it's as easy to change as 1-2-3!

Step 1 - Adjust Default Field

First, uncheck the checkbox beside "Visible" in the Gender field to make that field invisible.

default gender field in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Create New Field

Click on the plus sign below the Enrollee section to create a new field. Label the new field "Gender" and select "Multi-Select" as the field type.

create multi select field in Enrollsy

Include all your options under "Options."

NOTE: If you want to include an "Other" option, click on the plus arrow (see below) and add a single text field labeled "Describe" or something like that so that the customer can write in their preference.

add conditional field in Enrollsy enroll form

Be sure to only show this "Describe" field if the customer chooses "Other" as their option:

choosing other for gender in Enroll form in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Move & Preview New Field

Move the new gender field by clicking on the up/down arrow close to the original gender field (or wherever you want it in your Enroll Form).

move field in Enrollsy enroll form

Preview your form by clicking the Preview button to the right to see how the field looks to the customer:

new gender field in Enrollsy enroll form
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