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Check out the most frequently asked questions about the Gift Card feature
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Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers, of course!) concerning the Gift Card feature in Enrollsy:

Admin FAQ

  • How do I get set up to use the Gift Card feature in Enrollsy? This feature can be unlocked by contacting us via chat or email ( The cost is only $7/month!

  • Can I edit the layout of the Gift Card form? No, the layout cannot be edited. We designed the Gift Card form to be as visually appealing and user-friendly as possible.

  • Can I access the Gift Card form anywhere on Enrollsy? No. You can access Gift Cards on the Submissions page under the Gift Card tab (and in the Customer Portal). You can also copy the Purchase Gift Card link to share or place on your website from the Company tab in the My Company settings (It's with the other links under your logo).

  • Can I purchase a Gift Card for someone as an Admin User? Yes and no. No, you cannot "purchase" a Gift Card. However, you can "create" an internal ("Company-purchased") Gift Card.

  • Can the pre-set Gift Card amounts be changed? No. Those are just often-used amounts that purchasers can click on. Gift Cards can be purchased in ANY amount.

  • What happens if a customer says they lost or never received their Gift Card email? No problem. Admin Users can easily resend Gift Card emails.

  • What should I do if a Gift Card recipient's email address changes or the Gift Card is sent to the wrong email address? Admin Users can easily invalidate current Gift Cards and create new ones, sending them to the correct email address.

Customer FAQ

  • Do I have to have an account with Enrollsy to purchase a Gift Card? Yes, but you don't have to have it at the time of purchase. If you do not have a current account, one associated with the email address used to purchase the Gift Card will be created.

  • Are convenience fees charged on Gift Cards when purchased? No. Convenience fees are not charged on any purchases of Gift Cards.

  • Can I include a personalized message in a Gift Card I buy? Yes, absolutely! All Gift Cards come with a default message, but a personalized one can also be included.

  • What payment methods are accepted when purchasing a Gift Card? A credit card, debit card, or ACH (electronic bank account).

  • Will I receive a receipt for a Gift Card I purchase? Right now, you will not receive a receipt. However, the purchaser can view their transaction history on their Account.

  • Can I use a Gift Card to help pay tuition or other Program fees? Right now, Gift Cards can ONLY be used upon Enrollment into a Program. In the future, we have plans to expand the uses.

  • Will Gift Cards be applied before any credits I already have on my Account? Previous credits on the Account will be used BEFORE any Gift Card credit. The gift card balance will be automatically applied, but only the applicable amount will be used (after any other credits are applied).

  • Is the gift card created associated solely with the email it is sent to? No. The recipient's email address of the Gift Card does not have to be the same email address used in the Enroll Form. You can send the Gift Card with one email address, and that person can create the Account under a different email address when signing up and consuming the Gift Card credit.

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