Admin FAQs

How do I reset multi-authentication?

  • Go to the Admins Tab. Edit the Admin you want to reset > in the drawer on the right, click "Authentication" > click the reset Multi-Factor Authentication refresh icon.

How do I add new Admins?

  • Go to My Company > Users Tab > Admins. Click the plus button. Name and email address are required. Put Role as "Admin" and click on cog button then pencil icon to check permissions.

How do I add new Instructors?

  • Go to My Company > Users Tab > Instructors. Click the plus button. Name is required. Put in Role with permissions (you can add more Roles by clicking plus button).

How do I view my bill from Enrollsy?

What do I do when an ACH payment is rejected?

How do I do refunds?

  • Go to My Company > Activities Tab. Select Enrollee, Instructor, or Class depending on whom you want to create the activity for, and click the plus button. Name your activity, then choose the icon and color. For more detailed instructions, see How to create custom Activities.

How do I send E-signature Documents?

  • You can send documents automatically at the time of enrollment by attaching the document(s) to the program. To send documents out manually, after enrollment, you'll need to head over to the Documents page, select the Enrollee you want to send the document(s) to and add the document(s). See How to send out E-signature Documents for more information.

I do I create a private Enrollment link?

How do I send and view text messages?

  • Unread messages show up as a red number on the icon in the right corner. Read messages can be accessed in these ways:

    • In a person’s account under the Billing or Account tabs by clicking on the bubble at the top right

    • Under Enrollees/Students, check the boxes beside the recipients then click on the SMS icon

  • For more details, How to send and view Text Messages.

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