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How to Create and Add Tags to Instructors
How to Create and Add Tags to Instructors

Use a Tag to easily label Instructors

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A tag is a label on many pages throughout the Enrollsy app, including the Instructor page (My Company > User > Instructors) beside each Instructor.

Here are some examples of Tags:

examples of tags in Enrollsy

You may want to add work schedule tags (i.e., part-time/full-time), forms received, background checks needed, Classes teaching, etc., to your list of Instructors. These are easily viewed on the Instructor page.

NOTE: If you haven't yet created Tags, please see this support article for steps.

Here are the steps to add Tag(s) to an Instructor:

  1. Go to the Instructors page (My Company > Users > Instructors).

  2. Click on the plus sign beside the Instructor.

  3. Select the Tag(s) and click Submit.

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