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How to Add Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times to the Enroll Form
How to Add Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times to the Enroll Form

Do you need to know when Enrollees will be dropped off or picked up? Create a Program Form to pick up that information on the Enroll Form

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To add drop-off and pick-up times to your Enroll Form, you can create a Program Form. The Program Form can be found on your Forms page at the bottom of the Enroll Form.

Step 1 - Create a New Program Form

Create a name for your Program form by clicking on the blue "Add Program Form" button. Or, if you already have some Program Forms, click on the small blue plus button beside the first Program Form name.

For example, if this is for Before/After School Programs, you may want to name it "After School" or just "Drop-off/Pick-up."

Create a new Program Form in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Create Fields

After creating the name, click the blue plus button in the box to create your first field. In the new window, choose the "Single Select" field element and put in your label (i.e., "Drop off time"). Click Add.

Step 3 - Field Settings

Under Options, create your drop-off time options:

drop off and pick up times in Enrollsy

Click Save after entering the times. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 with the "Pick up time" field.

After completing the second field, you're done! The following is what this field will look like at enrollment:

drop off/pick up times in Enrollsy

NOTE: For these fields to appear on the Enroll Form, you must attach the Program Form to the Program(s).

Add Form to Program(s)

  1. Head to your Programs page, and click on the pencil icon to edit a Program.

  2. Click on the Enroll Form settings or scroll down to that section.

  3. Under "Additional Program Fields," select the name of your Program Form(s). In the example below, we added our "Infants Only" Program Form to our Infant Program.

add form to programs  in Enrollsy

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